A sagebrush/grass ecosystem in northern Nevada

Throughout the world approximately 50 percent of the lands are considered to be rangelands.  These lands are used for grazing by domestic livestock, for wildlife habitat, and for a number of other related uses such as water, fuel, mining, recreation and open space.  The efficient management of the resources found on these extensive and important landscapes requires appropriate professional expertise. This consulting group is well prepared for this roll.

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RANGELAND CONSULTANTS specializes in rangeland monitoring, vegetation mapping, forage assessment, grazing systems, wildlife habitat, game management, watershed management, botanical surveys, mine reclamation, preparation of NEPA documents, watershed analysis, and resource management on rangelands. A rapid response to client requirements is based on many years of experience by members of this consulting firm.  Field sampling and remote sensing/GIS/GPS technology is used to collect valid data concerning rangeland characteristics of interest to clients.  Locating, acquiring and interpretation of aerial photographs including historical photographs, aerial videography and other images is a specialty. We provide high-quality, low-overhead consulting on rangeland problems anywhere in the world.


CONTACT RANGELANDS CONSULTANTS at 11605 Summertime Lane, Reno, Nevada, 89508 USA.  Phone 775 972 9266 (Cell phone 775 741 9266) or P.O. Box 210, Paradise Valley, Nevada 89426,  Phone 775 578 3770 and 775 622 9167, FAX 775 578 3771 or you can contact us by email at

          unimproved/revegetated fence line comparison
A unimproved/revegetated fence line comparison

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